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CancerCanWait.com is to inspire people to live life, to enjoy the company of others, to take in the little things in life and to do more of what we love. After all, why follow the same patterns day-to-day if it’s not what you enjoy. I have always tried to maintain a very active lifestyle. Going through cancer does not mean I need to stop – I may just need to slow down a little. I’m not going to allow cancer to stop me from enjoying what I do and what I love.

I created this website to:

  • Help raise awareness of brain cancer,
  • Inform my friends and others of my story through the ‘My Experience’ page and ‘Blog’, and
  • To inspire others with or without cancer to keep living life to the fullest!!!

Sure enough I have my good days and bad days, and each day has its highs and lows. What helps to pick me up every time is to think about all the support people have shown me, the encouragement and the positive attitude. By sharing my thoughts, it helps to express what’s in my mind or what I might be subconsciously thinking but have not yet consciously processed. Through these hard times, I must pay special thanks to the following people for their ongoing support to keep me going: my mum and dad, my brother Josh, Lily, Terry and especially Lukey – who have all been there for me every step of the way!

By going to cancer support groups it has made me realise that people cope is their own ways and are at different stages of dealing with their illness. Although this website has ‘cancer’ in the name and is all about my experience, that is just how I deal with it. I know that for some people, the ‘c’ word sparks deep emotions and it can be hard to read or say the word. I do not intend to spark these emotions for people where it may strike a nerve, but I hope people can relate to my experiences.

Browse through the rest of the site to read my story. I hope you can take something away to help you, to inspire you or just for an interesting read.


Thanks for Reading!


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