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All of the photos on this site are those that I have taken myself, both before and after being diagnosed.


I have to thank Jeremy Ward and Luke Howland for compiling the following inspirational video. They sent out a message to our friends and put together this video in only 2 days so that I could watch it as soon as I came out of surgery on Thursday 3 April 2014. Because of the tight deadline, not all video’s were able to be included in this clip, but I would also like to thank everyone for contributing.


The following video was made over several weeks to say thank you to everyone for all of their support in the early stages of my recovery between brain surgery and radiotherapy (mid-May 2014).


The friends I work with at ‘Deloitte UK Innovation Tax’ put together this amazing clip. In August 2014, I was still suffering from fatigue and sleeping A LOT. I therefore missed this summer away day. In my absence, everyone dressed up and created this inspirational video with this attached message: “Matt has inspired us all throughout his fight with cancer by maintaining his usual positive attitude and always with his characteristic grin on his face.” I’ve been very grateful to have such an understanding, inspiring and supportive group that I am so pleased to work with! Thank you guys!!!


Thanks for Reading!


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