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I mentioned on the ‘About Me‘ page that my attitude, lifestyle and decisions can influence what happens to me, but only to a certain extent. My fate and my life expectancy is then dependent on the level of science and technology. Much of this is supported and tested through research and development (R&D) and clinical trials.

I plan to help inspire others with cancer or who have family and friends with cancer, but to also raise awareness and to help support further cancer research, more specifically brain cancer research. The donations from this site will be donated to a brain cancer charity either in the UK or in Australia. I have looked into a few cancer research charities to donate to, and these include the Brain Cancer Charity (UK) and Cancer Council (Australia). I will continue to research other organisations where I believe the donations will really make a difference. If you do have any recommendations, please email me via the ‘Contact‘ page. From the donations made through this website, I plan to donate 50-80% of the funds to my chosen charity, and use the remaining funds for the financial burden incurred by me and my family because of the illness.

I would like to thank you for donating and those people who have already contributed to raising funds and awareness in my name!!!

Thanks for Reading!


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